Order Kerbside Bins

Orders must be placed by the current property owner.

Check your property is inside the collection area then tell us the bin services that you would like!

For new builds, please order your recycling bin and make your optional bin selections once the dwelling is occupied.

If you would like to change bin sizes, please contact Customer Services at office@wmk.govt.nz or 0800 965 468

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If you do not have your property ID, right click here and open link in a new tab to lookup your property ID.
Please confirm your property address - the address associated with your property ID above.

Collected Fortnightly (select one from the drop-down below)

Collected Weekly (select one from the drop-down below)
Not available in Ohoka / Mandeville / Swannanoa

Collected Fortnightly (select one from the drop-down below)
New builds will need to choose a recycling bin size. All other properties should already have a recycling bin.

A bin delivery charge applies per bin for the first two bins delivered to a property. This is separate to the pickup charges and is a flat rate regardless of bin size selection.