Kerbside Bins FAQs

Questions & Answers

These Q&As help to explain the kerbside collection service.

Making a Bin Choice

Is there a limit of one bin per property?
What can I choose if I have a granny flat on my property?
What will happen if I didn’t order any bins?
How do I know how big my recycling bin is so that I can compare it with others?


Will the bins be left on the street?
What do I do if my bins are not delivered?

Change of Ownership

If my property changes hands, can the new owner choose a different bin size?
Can I take the bins with me when I leave?
What happens if I move into a property with no bin?
What happens if I am moving into a newly built house?


What can I put in the organics bin?
How often will rubbish and organics be collected?
Rubbish gets smelly after a week, why is it only collected fortnightly?
Have you changed what you take in recycling?
I live in Ohoka/Mandeville/Swannanoa and I have a recycling bin. Will I be able to use rubbish bags? Will I be able to get a rubbish bin, or an organics bin?
I live in Ohoka/Mandeville/Swannanoa and I (or the previous property owner) opted out of the recycling collection. Will I be able to opt in and get a recycling bin and rubbish bin? Will I be able to just get a rubbish bin?
Why can’t I get a 240L rubbish bin?
How much am I allowed to put in my bin?

How Much Does it Cost?

What will it cost to have an organics or rubbish bin?
Why do I have to pay a bin delivery/pick up fee?
If I change my mind during the year, do I get my rates refunded?
What will the fees be for stolen bins?
Do I get a refund of the price of any rubbish bags that I no longer need?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here please email our Customer Service Team, in the first instance or call on 0800 965 468.