When to put your bins out

Rubbish, organics and recycling are collected on the same day of the week, but at different frequencies. Kerbside collections in the Waimakariri are split into Week 1 and Week 2 recycling collections, and this dictates when your kerbside bins are collected.

You can check this map and enter your address to find out if your collection day is a Week 1 or Week 2. And we have these handy calendars showing which days to put each bin out.

Having trouble remembering what bin is collected when? Click here to set up email or text reminders.

  • Organics are collected weekly
  • Recycling is collected fortnightly
  • Rubbish bag and bin collections are fortnightly on the alternate week to your recycling.
  • Have your bins at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day. Your collection day and week is printed on the bin address label
  • Place the bin so the handle is facing away from the road and clear of obstacles. If a car is in the way, place the bin in front of it if possible
  • Please do not overload, compact or overfill your bin as there is a 70kg weight limit, and the bin will only be collected if the lid is fully closed
  • Don't place bags or other items on top of your bin
  • Some streets only have one-way collections. Bins must be placed on the correct side of the road to ensure collection. If you are new to an area, check where your neighbours place their bins for guidance
  • Make sure that you bring your bin inside your property as soon as you can on your collection day once it’s been emptied, and don’t leave it out on the street overnight
  • If it's windy, or high winds are forecast, pop your bin out on the morning of your collection day to avoid it being blown over during the night and spilling its contents.