Council rubbish bag charges

  • $3.20 per bag for a single bag
  • $16.00 for a five pack
  • $32.00 for a 10 pack
  • $77.50 for a 25-pack

Bag charges aren't just for the manufacture and supply costs of the bags themselves, it also includes Council's refuse collection and disposal costs for households within the kerbside collection area.

Those outside of the collection area can drop the bag off to the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park or the Oxford Transfer Station as the bag charge includes disposal fees.

Rubbish is collected fortnightly on the opposite week to recycling. Please have your refuse bags on the ground at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day. Sign up to receive text or email reminders so you never miss a collection day.

There is a 15 kg weight limit per bag.

Only Waimakariri District Council rubbish bags will be collected. This is because the cost of the bag includes collection and disposal costs for households within Council's kerbside collection area. This makes them user pays.

'Official' Council bags can be purchased from any Council Service Centre and most local supermarkets. Learn more on the official rubbish bags fact sheet.