How to opt in for organics & rubbish bins

If you decide to opt in for kerbside organics or rubbish wheelie bins, you can call us and your order will processed by our team. You will receive an invoice for the delivery fee and the collection costs to the next 30 June. Once we receive payment, an order will be placed and we’ll let you know when to expect delivery.

Your new bin will have your property address labelled on it so that you know the bin belongs at your home. A bin allocated to a property has to stay at that property. Please leave the bin behind when you are moving out.

Organics and rubbish bin costs are added to rates, so the service is only available to the owner of the property. Tenants will need to discuss new bin collections with their landlord.

* The Council’s Organics bin and rubbish bag collection services are not available in the extended Ohoka Collection Area

Order kerbside bins online.