Water, Sewer & Stormwater Fees & Charges

Water connection

For fees and charges related to a new water connection, including GST of 15% please refer to Application for the Supply of Water
Effective from 1 July 2018

Charges for filling private water tanks (updated 18 February 2020)Fee
Monday - Thursday (8 am - 3 pm)$322.00 incl. GST
Friday - Sunday (8 am - 3 pm)$506.00 incl. GST
Public holiday (anytime) / after hours (3 pm - 8 am)$690.00 incl. GST
Private water testingFee
Consent testing
Full chemical test$304.75 incl. GST
Second and third tests (each)$109.25 incl. GST
Peace of mind testing
Presence/absence test (E-coli test)                                                                        $  74.75 incl. GST
Trade waste chargesFee
Flow per m3$0.60 
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) per kg$0.30
Suspended Solids (SS) per kg$0.30

The following fees are charged on a cost-recovery basis:

- Relocation of water toby at owner's request

- Installation of a backflow preventer in accordance with the Backflow Prevention Policy

- Damage or tampering with a water restrictor, investigation and repair of damage (in addition to any fine under s.242 (4) Local Government Act 2002)

- Repair of damage to any part of Council infrastructure to be recovered from the person or organisation that caused the damage