Prospective Cadet Application - CDEM Cadets

Thanks for your interest in the Civil Defence Emergency Management Cadet Programme.

This is a unique and exciting programme for youth (aged 12- 17 years) in our District and is the only CDEM Cadet unit anywhere in New Zealand.

CDEM Cadets operates during school terms. Sign on events/information nights will occur at the beginning of the New Year or new term - depending on positions available within the Unit.

Cadets will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn a wide range of skills related to emergency services
  • Support their community through volunteering under the CDEM Cadet banner and
  • Develop their own personal and leadership skills

Both the prospective cadet and primary caregiver will be required to answer questions. Please complete all required fields to submit your application.

Alternatively, download and complete the application form.

Important Information
Before you commit to becoming a cadet, and to ensure your guardians are ready to support you, here are some important things about being a Cadet that you need to know and must accept.

CDEM Cadets is a free program, however Cadets must be prepared to:
• Attend at least 50% of training sessions per school term (Dispensation will be made to Cadets leading up to during exam periods. The Unit will meet once a week for two hours during a school term with at least two weekend camps per year)
• Be punctual and well presented in a freshly washed and ironed uniform
• Arrange own transportation to and from all Cadet events, including training and special events and volunteering opportunities (unless group transport is provided)
• Engage in all aspects of the program, including with staff, equipment and facilities, in a respectful and peaceful manner
• Act in a manner according to the Cadet Code of Conduct at all times that the uniform is worn, including during transit to and from the Unit.