Dog Park

Another Regeneration Project

The Waimakariri District Council’s is constructing a fourth dog park for the district. This park is located in the Kaiapoi East Regeneration area. See the map below.

This park will be a special space for dogs and their owners to enjoy. Existing trees and shrubs will be kept, where possible, with park benches set amongst them. Grassed mounds will add variety to the park landscape, with the remainder left in a more natural state creating lots of interesting areas for dogs to explore.

In total the dog park will cover 2.5 hectares; 1.8 hectares for large dogs and a separate small dog area of 0.6 hectares.

Facilities will include dog waste bins and bag dispensers, and drinking fountains with dog bowls.

The park will have entrances on Charles St, Jollie St and one in the Honda Forest.

Completion is planned for late October 2019.