Strengthening the Kaiapoi River Wall

Council is pleased to confirm at its October 2017 meeting, Daniel Smith Industries Ltd as the preferred contractor for the Kaiapoi River Wall Upgrade project.

A new riverbank wall will be constructed adjacent to the existing riverbank wall on the north bank of the Kaiapoi River – immediately downstream of the Williams Street bridge in the Kaiapoi Town Centre. This will provide additional support to the riverbanks underlying the proposed Riverview Terraces, and for the pontoon which will be installed between the Williams Street bridge and the Kaiapoi Wharf.

“It’s really exciting to be on the home straight and strengthening this area of the river wall has been a long time coming,” Al Blackie, chair Regeneration Steering Group says.

Construction on the river wall is expected to commence in January 2018. Council will keep the local businesses and community informed about what areas will be closed off to ensure a safe environment for all, prior to any construction getting underway.

You can find out more information about the Kaiapoi Marine Precinct here.