Social Recovery

Waimakariri District Council’s social recovery framework and lessons learnt from the Greater Christchurch Earthquakes.

The Waimakariri District approach to the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 has been well documented. It is widely seen as an exemplary model of effective post-disaster recovery, particularly in the area of social recovery. It should be noted that this was a recovery from a very large disaster and we know many recovery operations in Aotearoa / New Zealand will be on a smaller scale. Nevertheless, we believe this framework is scaleable and valuable as a guide for all local social recovery efforts.

The aim of this document is to provide a guide for anyone who finds themselves in a role leading local social recovery following a disaster.

Each section contains specific information and is designed to stand alone from other sections. Use the sections that best suit your post disaster needs and amend them to best fit your community.

Throughout this document you will find:

  • Quotes from people involved in the Waimakariri recovery
  • Case studies from the Waimakariri recovery (light blue)
  • Key things to consider – with check lists for you to use

Our best wishes to your recovery team - Kia Kaha!

You can download individual sections here:

Acknowledgements and Introduction

Section One - Waimakariri Story and Context

Section Two - What is Social Recovery?

Section Three -  Local Government's Role in Recovery

Section Four - Local Government's Role in Social Recovery

Section Five - Community Focused Recovery

Section Six - Social Recovery Readiness: Preparation for the Disaster

Section Seven - Communication and Community Engagement

Section Eight - Needs Assessment

Section Nine - Recovery Assistance Centre

Section Ten - Psychosocial Support

Section Eleven - Financial Support

Section Twelve - Household Goods and Services

Section Thirteen - Practical Assistance - Volunteer Coordination

Section Fourteen - Establishing a Hub

Section Fifteen - Temporary Accommodation

Section Sixteen - Community Development

And Always Remember

Glossary and Appendices

Or the entire document here:

Social Recovery 101