Kaiapoi West infrastructure rebuild

These works involved replacing the damaged infrastructure in Hilton Street, Black Street, Raven Quay, Rich Street and Peraki Street (between Hilton and Fuller Streets).

The work began in May 2014 with building a new wastewater pump station, replacing sewers, drainage and water pipes and then moved onto reconstructing the roads and footpaths. The project was substantially completed in December 2015.

The $3.5M construction contract was awarded to Transfield Services.

Key project information

  • A new pump station to enable shallower sewers where the ground is poorest
  • 520 m of new sewer pumping main
  • 280 m of new gravity sewer plus property connections
  • 1200 m of new water mains
  • 500 m of new stormwater drainage plus replacement of both Dudley Drain culverts
  • 930 m of roads, reconstructed narrower with traffic calming features, new footpaths and shared pedestrian/cycle paths to improve cycling connections around the Kaiapoi Borough School
  • Replacement of street lights
  • Trees and plant beds to reinforce the traffic calming features and improve street appeal
  • Coordination with Enable ultrafast broadband being installed at the same time.

Kaiapoi West streetscape plans



Richard Anthony
Project Manager
Phone: 027 509 7289

Gavin Lake
Project Manager
Phone: 03 311 8900 or 03 327 6834
Email: gavin.lake@wmk.govt.nz