Infrastructure recovery

The Council’s Earthquake Recovery Infrastructure Programme for Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach and Kairaki is reflected in the works project plans and update reports.

The programme comprises 50 individual projects, and by August 2016 construction of 44 of these were completed. At that time, the remaining projects were affected by uncertainties around the future of the Residential Red Zones and could not be progressed.

The programme is Council’s current best estimate of the scope, likely order and timing of works.

Works project plans

The plans show where construction activity relating to roads, water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure is scheduled. Work ranges from minor road patching to complete infrastructure renewals and full road surfacing. The programme is the Council's current best estimate of the scope, likely order and timing of works.

Not all works in and on the periphery of the regeneration areas in Kaiapoi have been shown on these plans. The nature and extent of work is dependent on the long-term land use in these areas and will be delivered through the Regeneration Implementation Plan. 

These plans will be subject to change as Council will be regularly reviewing the scope of works and programme as required.

Red zone infrastructure

There are current, ongoing and future service needs within the former red zone, now referred to as 'regeneration area's'.  The Council’s infrastructure rebuild programme also involves infrastructure works in the regeneration areas to permanently rebuild damaged infrastructure to service adjoining ‘Green Zone’ properties/areas.

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