Council Tests Crisis Response

Published: 28-May-2018

The Council is conducting a simulated exercise Wednesday morning to test its crisis management and business continuity arrangements.

“Exercise Weka” will provide hands-on training for council staff in how to effectively respond to an unexpected event or emergency and carry out business as usual.

Finance and Business Support Manager, Jeff Millward says, “This will provide us with invaluable experience in preparing to operate business as usual during a crisis. With recent events in Canterbury over the last few years, we’ve all seen how vital it is for councils to be able to function well in emergencies.”

The exercise is being carried out by representatives of the Kestrel group and its objectives include:

  • Training in crisis response and familiarisation of the council’s Crisis Management Plan.
  • Familiarisation for staff with the content of the Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans.
  • And identifying any gaps or issues.

The exercise will see a slight reduction of some services during the morning, however full and normal service will resume by 1pm. We apologise for any inconvenience over this time.