Civil Defence Warning System

A public warning system has been installed on Woodend Beach, Waikuku Beach and Pines/Kairaki Beach. The system provides official warnings of significant emergencies. The likely hazard scenarios where the system might be used are tsunami, river flooding, sea surge and vegetation fire.

The system uses a combination of a loud siren sound, pre-recorded emergency voice messages and, if appropriate, live voice messages to warn the public.

There is a cluster of three to four sirens (EC-3 or EC-4) on a custom-built lamp post at a strategic site in each of the Waikuku Beach, Woodend Beach and Pines/Kairaki Beach communities. These siren configurations are designed to emit sound in a controlled pattern to each locality. MainPower NZ Ltd kindly supported the installation work of the sirens and connection to their electricity network.

This public siren warning system is only one layer of our public warning system. Others include the use of television (for national warnings from the Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management), radio, website, social media, and emergency services staff and vehicles going door-to-door when necessary.

We do regular live testing of our sirens about three times a year and we will always give lots of public warning in the weeks and days leading up to those tests.

The system is now operating and is capable of transmitting siren signals and voice messages.