Canterbury has a history of severe weather storms that cause flooding of rivers from their source in the mountains and sea surges that inundate the river mouth areas, especially of Ashley and Waimakariri Rivers.

To help prevent flooding, keep drains and spouting clear of debris. If you think your property is at risk of flooding, dig trenches around your house to divert water. Sandbags can be bought from Luisetti's or any hardware store and sand is available from landscape suppliers.

Flood Sacks are a very easy piece of equipment for those that may potentially have flooding problems around their homes. Flood Sacks are large, light absorbent rectangles that can be purchased in packs of five for $99.00 which are ideal to place at points of entry to absorb water and hopefully stop it entering homes. Flood Sacks are available from Powerpac, email jay.suckling@powerpac.co.nz or phone 0800 23 57 89.