LURP Action 25

Action 25 is a direction, pursuant to section 24(1)(c) of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act to change or vary the objectives, policies and methods of its District Plan to the extent necessary to provide for:

Rebuilding of existing business areas:

  • comprehensive developments in existing urban business areas, including brownfield sites
  • management of the effects of rebuilding activities

Greenfield priority areas for business:

  • zoning provisions for greenfield priority areas for business at Southbrook shown on map A, appendix 1 iv. Thresholds for commercial activities in greenfield priority areas where these are considered necessary to avoid reverse sensitivity effects or effects of viability of key activity centres.

Details of any changes and variations to be provided to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery within three months of gazettal of this Recovery Plan for the Minister to determine any public process required to give effect to those amendments.

Plan changes documents were prepared for each part of this action, including a two week period to allow for public comment and sharing of information. No statutory process for consultation was included within the LURP, however the Council took the opportunity to consult with the community.

Written comments on Action 25 closed on Friday, 21 February 2014.

Action 25 became operative from 17 November 2014.