New Heritage Item Nomination

Purpose of Review

HeritageItemsAs part of the Waimakariri District Plan review, the list of heritage items and the rules managing them are being reconsidered. This means we are looking at the current list of heritage items, whether they should remain listed; if any other items should be added and also if the current policies and rules protecting heritage items need to be updated.

These guidelines have been developed to assist you to nominate a new heritage item you consider should be included in the proposed Waimakariri District Plan. Nominations close at 5pm on Friday 3 August 2018.

The Heritage Items List

The Heritage Items Schedule of the Waimakariri District Plan is a list of significant heritage items in the Waimakariri District.  When an item is on the list it means that item:

  • has been officially recognised by the Council as being of significant heritage value to the people of Waimakariri
  • is protected by provisions in the Plan to ensure its significance is not lost

What Heritage Items Can Be Nominated?

Historic heritage items can include:

  • archaeological sites and features
  • buildings, structures, and monuments
  • groups of inter-related places, including cultural landscapes; townscapes, streetscapes and settlements
  • gardens, trees and plantings (associated with a heritage item)
  • places of historical or cultural importance

How to Nominate an Item

Any person or organisation may nominate a heritage item for evaluation by completing and submitting the nomination form.

Before you complete the form you should check our current Schedule of Heritage Items to ensure that your heritage item is not already listed.

Please read the assessment criteria to check whether nomination is appropriate and to assist you to complete the form correctly. You should only nominate an item if you consider it has significant heritage value to the District. Nominating an item does not automatically guarantee that it will be evaluated or considered for inclusion. Priority will be given to nominations that clearly identify the values associated with a place, its significance to the community, and any supporting background information. Therefore we encourage you to make a persuasive case for the significance of the item.

Assessment Criteria for Nominations

The following factors will be considered when assessing nominations:

  • Historical and social values that demonstrate or are associated with: a particular person, group, organisation, institution, event, phase or activity; the continuity and/or change of a phase or activity; social, historical, traditional, economic, political or other patterns.
  • Cultural and spiritual values that demonstrate or are associated with the distinctive characteristics of a way of life, philosophy, tradition, religion, or other belief, including: the symbolic or commemorative value of the place; and/or associations with an identifiable group and esteemed by this group for its cultural values.
  • Architectural and aesthetic values that demonstrate or are associated with: a particular style, period or designer, design values, form, scale, colour, texture and material of the place.
  • Technological and craftsmanship values that demonstrate or are associated with: the nature and use of materials, finishes and/or technological or constructional methods which were innovative, or of notable quality for the period.
  • Contextual values that demonstrate or are associated with: a relationship to the environment (constructed and natural), a landscape, setting, group, precinct or streetscape; a degree of consistency in terms of type, scale, form, materials, texture, colour, style and/or detail; recognised landmarks and landscape which are recognised and contribute to the unique identity of the environment.
  • Archaeological or scientific values that demonstrate or are associated with: the potential to provide information through physical or scientific evidence and understanding about social, historical, cultural, spiritual, technological or other values of past events, activities, structures or people.

What Happens After Nominations Close?

Once the nomination period closes the Council will evaluate all submitted nominations. This may involve seeking further information from the nominator and a site visit to the nominated heritage item.

There is a planning process that must be followed before the new District Plan is finalised, including adding a new heritage item.

Once the proposed Plan (including the amended schedule of heritage items and associated policies and rules) is notified for formal submissions, and before any final decisions are made, the owner and any other person with an interest in the heritage item can lodge formal submissions for or against the proposal. After this, submitters will have an opportunity to speak to their submission at a formal hearing. Following the hearing decisions will be made on the content of the District Pan.

Heritage Nomination Drop In Session:

Monday, 23 July 2018 from 4pm – 6pm at Rangiora Town Hall

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