Woodend Community Centre

Woodend Community Centre

Reopened in April 2013 after repairs and extension, the centre is a popular multi-purpose facility located just off the main highway in Woodend.


Facilities include an indoor sports hall which can also be used for approved functions and other events. A large kitchen runs off the main hall and toilet and shower facilities are available.  A mezzanine floor provides viewing space for the sports hall activities.

Two interconnecting conference rooms provide meeting space, each with data projection equipment and one with a sound system and microphone. Tables and chairs are provided.

Facilities are accessible for disabled users and a sealed car parking area is located alongside the centre.

Address: 6A School Road, Woodend


Three rooms, with a total capacity of 265. The large hall can adequately accommodate 200 people.

Equipment and facilities available

  • Tables and chairs provided
  • Disabled access via main entrance
  • Above standard kitchen oven
  • Three phase power
  • Limited parking bays next to the centre and overflow parking space available alongside the entrance driveway
  • Projector and screen in the meeting rooms.

Fees and charges

There are different charges depending on what category your organisation fits into.

Charges have been updated as of 1st July, 2018

Please refer to the online bookings website.

Community & Individual

Non-profit community social support groups & non-profit casual private events. Education groups, schools, preschools/playgroups and casual Government bookings.

Non-profit casual private events.

  • $ 10 per hour - Sports Hall
  • $ 10  per hour - Meeting Room A (or) B
  • $ 20 per hour - Combined Meeting Room A & B
  • $ 180 per day - Whole Complex

Tutors / Coaching

Events when there is an admission charge for classes either nightly or on a lesson basis that is beyond the gold coin donation.

  • $ 15 per hour - Sports Hall
  • $ 15  per hour - Meeting Room A (or) B
  • $ 30 per hour - Combined Meeting Room A & B
  • $ 200 per day - Whole Complex


Profit generating corporates or activities (e.g commercial activities, programmes or events commercial seminars)

  • $28.75 per hour - Sports Hall
  • $28.75  per hour - Meeting Room A (or) B
  • $57.50 per hour - Combined Meeting Room A & B
  • $414 per day - Whole Complex

How to book

Bookings can be made through the Waimakariri District Council, 215 High Street, Rangiora. Ph 03 311 8900

Booking form (pdf, 567.0 KB)

Health and Safety plan (pdf, 228.0 KB)

Conditions of hire

Hire charges

  • All hire charges and other fees are paid for the use of the hall shall be paid in advance unless otherwise arranged with the Council Booking Officer.
  • Ten working days notice in writing shall be given for all cancellations, change of bookings and times, otherwise all hire charges will be payable.
  • The keys to the hall can be collected from the Council Office on receipt of payment of all due hire charges unless prior arrangement with the Council Booking Officer has been made. The keys should be returned the first working day following the day of hire.
  • A bond maybe required for the use of the premise. This bond will be returned subject to the premises being left in a satisfactory condition.
  • Council indemnity and cancellation - the organisers shall absolve the Council from any liability relating to the booking of the facility. Council reserves the right to cancel the booking if any unforeseen circumstances arise after the booking has been confirmed.

Emergency evacuation procedures

  • The hirer will comply with the requirements of the Emergency Evacuation procedures, that you will receive when collecting the key.
  • The hirer must check all exit routes shown prior to use, to ensure that the route is clear of obstructions.
  • The hirer must make ant necessary provisions to ensure that any disabled persons present can be evacuated.
  • Emergency egress doors must be closed at all times - only to be opened in an emergency.

Health and safety

  • Please ensure that all participants are made aware of their responsibilities under the health and safety and employment act 1992, and that all practicable steps are taken to ensure the safety of all facility users and others.


  • Alcohol is not permitted in the facility unless permission has been granted by the Woodend Community Centre Advisory Group or the Manager Community and Recreation and a liquor licence obtained from the Council when approving a booking. Only the hirer may bring alcohol into the hall provided that they have a liquor licence. No BYO functions are permitted.
  • No alcohol is permitted on the grounds of the facility.
  • Noise levels from functions should be maintained at a level as to not disturb surrounding residents.
  • Amplified music can only be played in the gymnasium area.
  • The exterior doors must be closed when amplified music is being played.
  • Control music amplification so that the noise received at any residential boundary of the site is not dominant above ambient noise and does not have clearly audible bass.
  • Comply with any direction to control music given by a Council officer.
  • Conduct activities with consideration to neighbours
  • Vacate the site quietly and drive responsibly.

Hours of operation

All activities shall cease by the following times:

  • Monday - Saturday inclusive: 11 pm
  • Sundays  and any Public Holidays: 10 pm

All persons shall leave the site within 30 minutes after the finish of any event except for those persons involved in the cleaning of the premises.

Care of sports hall and meeting rooms

It shall be the responsibility of the hirer following the conclusion of each function to clean the rooms used at the facility and leave it in tidy condition. If cleaning is not completed satisfactorily and Council is required to complete the work, the hirer will be charged for actual costs incurred. All windows are to be closed and doors properly locked and fastened before leaving the hall. The hirer shall ensure that all lights and power switches are switched off at the conclusion of the event. There is to be no glitter or confetti used. The hirer shall ensure that no tacks, nails,or adhesive materials are used on the interior of the premises. No stiletto heels permitted.

Public liability insurance

The hirer is responsible for public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance of $1,000,000 is recommended by the Waimakariri District Council. If your group/organisation does not already have their own public liability insurance, the Council's insurance brokers Jardine Lloyd Thompson, has a geiyo facility insurance available at a very competitive rate. Should you wish to utilise this facility please contact Nicola Frayle at Jardine Lloyd Thompson - ph. 03 366 4866.

Damage to hall or fixtures

Any damage to the premises shall be notified immediately to the Customer Service Manager, Rangiora Service Centre by the hirer who will be held responsible to the Council for the full value of such damage.

Right of entry

Any Councillor or Officer of the Council on production of an authorised warrant, may enter the hall at anytime.


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all lights, heaters and taps are turned off, that ALL people are out of the building and that the building is secured after the completion of use of the building. If any of the above is not done and any vandalism, etc. occurs, the hirer may be charged for any repairs or costs incurred.


Payment and key collection

Payment by Eftpos, cheque or cash.
Deposit required at time of booking.
Bond to be paid when collecting the key.

Key to be collected from - Waimakariri District Council, 215 High Street, Rangiora