Sefton Domain Pavilion

Sefton Domain Pavilion

The Sefton Domain Pavilion overlooks the Sefton Domain, which is located alongside Sefton township. It contains a simple main room with basic kitchen facilities, along with team changing rooms and showers. Toilets are accessed externally from the rear of the building. The main room can accommodate up to 45 people.

The Sefton Cricket Club is the main user of the pavilion, but it is also available to other sports and community groups. Access is via a sealed road and parking area.


Address: 2 Vaughan Street, Sefton


One room that accommodates 45 people

Equipment and facilities available


  • Tables and chairs provided
  • Basic kitchen
  • Own car parking

Fees and charges

There are different charges depending on what category your organisation fits into.

All charges are gst inclusive.

Charges have been updated as of 1st July, 2019

Community & Individual

Non-profit community social support groups. (E.g. Education groups, schools, preschools/playgroups and casual Government bookings.) Non-profit casual private events. (E.g. family events, weddings, organisation run dances, concerts, performances to audience, casual.)

  • $ 5 per hour


Profit generating corporates or activities (e.g commercial activities, programmes or events commercial seminars)

  • $ 10 per hour

How to book

Bookings can be made by contacting Robert Hannah, Sefton Domain Advisory Group, Ph. 03 312 9234

Booking form (pdf, 339.7 KB)

Health and Safety plan (pdf, 228.0 KB)

Payment and key collection

Payment by cheque or cash.
Deposit required at time of booking.
Bond to be paid when collecting the key.

Key to be collected from Robert Hannah, Sefton Domain Advisory Group. Ph. 03 312 9234