Green Corps

Introducing Green Corps

Green Corps is a Waimakariri District Council enquiry-based learning initiative which aims to provide hands-on environmental learning for primary school students. It also offers schools the opportunity to take ownership of our parks and reserves and assume a lead role in their ongoing development and maintenance through actively developing them with our assistance.

Green Corps started in May 2013, and currently works with the following schools and their neighbouring reserves:

  • Clarkville School – Silverstream Reserve, Clarkville
  • Swannanoa School – Whites Road Reserve, Ohoka
  • Southbrook School – Hegan Reserve and Matawai Park, Rangiora
  • Rangiora New Life School – Hegan Reserve
  • Rangiora High School Blue Planet

“The best thing about it is because what they are doing is real” – Southbrook School enviro-group leader

"Just wanted to let you know that our kids have been popping down to the reserve in their own time and apparently there are lots of lizards in the hotels and the birds are making great use of the bird houses! They are really keen to finish off the mulching, do more planting, top up the bird houses and lizard hotels." – Swannanoa School

Hegan Reserve

Students from Rangiora New Life School and Southbrook School have been helping Council come up with ideas for Hegan Reserve. We prepared a draft concept plan for Hegan Reserve, based on the students' ideas.


Swannanoa School at Whites Road Reserve

Whites Road Reserve 

In October 2014 a group of 80 Swannanoa School students gathered at the Whites Road Reserve to unveil three interpretation signs that they have been working on. The students researched, designed and developed the signs to show how the reserve was established, its history and some of its key features. The Rangiora Lions Club generously provided the funding for the signs to be built and installed as one of their 50th anniversary projects.

More photos and a diary of our activities can be found on our Green Corps Facebook page.

Contact us

Dan Cameron, Green Corps Project Coordinator
Waimakariri District Council Green Space Unit
Phone: 03 311 8900 extn 8459
Mobile: 021 248 9972