Gladstone Park

Gladstone Park is a sport and recreation reserve located on Gladstone Road in Woodend.

The park covers about 31 hectares. Currently only some of the land is used for sport and recreation (about 13 hectares); the rest of the park is managed as a Council forestry resource. With growth in the Waimakariri District there is now a demand for more sport and recreation facilities at Gladstone Park.

What you told us

In September 2014 we asked for ideas and suggestions for Gladstone Park. The community told us they would like to see more sport activities and more recreation activities.  A summary of the community ideas and suggestions is included below.

Some of the ideas and suggestions were included in the draft master plan for Gladstone Park. Other ideas, such as the half basketball court or skate park, would be better in another location, preferably a busy spot where there are lots of people around.  Some facilities are also typically provided by sport clubs (e.g. a running track or cricket nets).  There is plenty of space at the park if a club wants to put these in. Some suggestions, such as a swimming pool, were unfortunately outside the scope of the project.

The process so far

As well as using the community ideas and suggestions, Council staff have been working with a Gladstone Park Working Group to develop the draft master plan for Gladstone Park.  This group includes representatives from the local sport clubs using the park and local resident/community associations, and representatives from the Woodend-Ashley Community Board. 

Council has prepared a draft master plan (pdf, 2.0 MB) to guide the further development of Gladstone Park.  The draft master plan shows how Gladstone Park could be developed over time.  Some parts of the draft plan could be put in place over the next three years.  Other parts would be projects for the future. Feedback on the draft master plan was received by the Council from 30 September to 30 October 2015.

The key features of the draft master plan include:

  • Additional car parking near the rugby clubrooms and next to Gladstone Road (where the old house is)
  • A wide path for walking and cycling linking Hakatere Road and Gladstone Road
  • A shared walking and cycling path around the park with fitness equipment
  • A dog park with separate areas for small and large dogs
  • A future accessway (locked and gated when not in use) between Hakatere Road and Gladstone Road. This would provide access to the eastern end of the park
  • Additional playing fields
  • More play equipment, seating and landscaping
  • The eastern end of the park (the forestry area) could become a short mountain bike track or playing fields in the future if needed

The master plan for Gladstone Park is a long-term plan for the development of the park. There is $900,000 in Council’s Long Term Plan to start works. This funding is spread over the next three years (out to 2018).  The current funding will not cover the costs of implementing the whole draft master plan.  Some parts of the draft master plan will depend on future population growth and demand for sport and recreation reserve space. Therefore some elements could happen much later on.


In April 2016 the Woodend Ashley Community Board approved the draft master plan for the development of Gladstone Park. This plan included a three stage development which would see new sports fields developed, the creation of a dog park, extension of the playground and a new path linking Hakatere Road through to the clubrooms and out to Gladstone Road.

Since the approval of this plan, Council staff have been working alongside the Gladstone Park Advisory Group and a variety of contractors to begin implementing the first stages of this plan. The derelict house that once stood near the entrance to the park has now been removed from the park, leaving a nice picnic area which is earmarked for a future carpark should the need arise. A number of tall pine trees and poplars have been removed from behind the clubrooms and work is currently underway to draw up the specifications for the carpark extension by the rugby club and the linkage path through to Hakatere Road. It is hoped that construction on the path and carpark may start in late February to early March.

Work has already begun along Hakatere Road where the pine trees have been limbed up high to allow views and access through and a contractor is currently clearing the undergrowth along this bank to provide easy access into the park for Pegasus residents. Roughly seven hectares of land has also been cleared and transformed from impenetrable broom, gorse, blackberry and pine wind-rows into an open area ready for the construction of the dog park and future sports fields. Work is now underway to design and install a new irrigation system to provide water to the new sports fields and plantings.

Want to know more?

For further information contact Grant Stephens on 03 311 8900 or email