Marine Precinct Management

The Waimakariri District Council owns and manages the berths currently available at the wharf and riverview pontoon in addition to a range of facilities within the marine precinct area.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback about the marine precinct.

Safety & Security

We operate and monitor surveillance cameras within the marine precinct area, in addition to completing regular staff inspections of the site.

While we aim to provide a measure of security, vessel owners are responsible for the security of their own vessels and any valuables that may be contained within them. Please keep your personal items locked away and your vessel secure at all times.

Emergencies & Spills

For all emergencies within the marine precinct area, in the first instance please call 111 to access the applicable emergency services.

Then contact the Waimakariri District Council on 0800 965 468 for urgent calls outside of or during office hours.

If any spills occur on land or in the river, contact Environment Canterbury immediately on 0800 765 588 (24/7).


Some vessel maintenance activity is permitted with the Kaiapoi Marine Precinct area at the wharf only.

Download a copy of our Vessel Owner Maintenance Guidelines (pdf, 1.7 MB).

For maintenance activity that requires our permission or to book/register your maintenance activity at the wharf, please contact us.