Facilities & Services

Riverview Pontoon

A floating pontoon of approximately 112 metres in length (2.4 metres wide) on the north side of the Kaiapoi River accommodating a range of casual through to longer-term berthing opportunities.


A timber wharf including a new paved area, rock embankment and grassed seating and leisure areas.  The timber wharf is approximately 28 metres in length and accommodates a range of casual through to short-term berthing opportunities. It’s also the approved location for all permitted vessel maintenance activities.

Coastguard Boat Ramp

A publicly accessible boat ramp and slipway owned and managed by the Coastguard. Donations for the use of the slipway are accepted in the onsite donation box.


Four time restricted parks (P120) are located adjacent to the wharf in the public carpark area and vehicle access way. Unrestricted parking is available on Charles Street, Jones Street and Sewell Streets, in close proximity to the marine precinct area.

Fresh Water Taps

12 fresh water taps are located on the amenity pedestals along the Riverview pontoon and 4 taps are located at the wharf.

Power Outlets

12 power outlets are located on the amenity pedestals along the Riverview pontoon and 4 outlets are located at the wharf.

Pump/Dump-Out Stations

Vessel Pump Out Station: A passive (non-vacuum) waste-water receptacle station and hose are available at the wharf.

Caravan Dump Out Station: A caravan dump-out station for black and grey water is located in the reserves land behind the Coastguard boat ramp/slip way.

Fishing Platform

A fishing platform is provided on the southern side of the Kaiapoi River for the cleaning, gutting and filleting of fish. It must be kept free of any organic and/or other material when not in use.

Public Toilets

Public bathrooms are located at 1 Tom Ayers Drive in the Tom Ayers Reserve. Additional public toilets are available (during opening hours) in the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre located at 176 Williams Street, Kaiapoi.