A range of casual through to longer-term berths are available for lease from the Council within the Kaiapoi Marine Precinct area.

  • Casual Berths (less than a day) are not subject to advance bookings, and can be accessed at will, when available.
  • Short-term or Flexible Berth bookings in excess of a day must be booked through the Waimakariri District Council in advance of the berthing period.

To enquire about a berth, please contact us, or to book a short/longer term berth please complete the Berth Licence and Live-Aboard Application form pdf, 687.1 KB.

A full list of rental fees and charges can be found here.

A variety of vessel sizes can fit within the overall designated total use ranges. You can view the layout of the berth ranges on the Marine Precinct Map (pdf, 18.7 MB).

LocationUseTotal Berth Range
Wharf Casual / Short-term 28 total metres (or more)
Riverview Pontoon Flexible (Longer-term) 60 metres
Riverview Pontoon Casual / Short-term 27 metres  
Pile Moorings (vessel size)Pile Berth #114 metres LOA
Pile Moorings (vessel size)Pile Berth #214 metres LOA
Pile Moorings (vessel size)Pile Berth #310 metres LOA
Berthing Pocket Depths (as at August 2020)
LocationDepth (Varies)
Boat Ramp Pontoon 1.3 metres
Wharf 1.2 metres
Riverview Pontoon – Casual to Short-term Range

0.5 metres to 1.9 metres

Riverview Pontoon – Flexible Lease Range 1.9 metres
Pile Berths1.25 metres

River depth relative to chart datum and subject to sediment build up over time.

Living Aboard

Live-aboard activity is permitted at some berths within the Kaiapoi Marine Precinct. However, it’s subject to a range of conditions and approvals:

  • Live-aboard activity at short-term berths is automatically permitted up to a maximum of 14 concurrent days/nights. There is no need to apply for permission if your live-aboard activity meets these temporary time-frames and your vessel can accommodate the live-aboard standards listed within the Terms and Conditions.
  • Live-aboard activity in excess of 14 concurrent days is subject to approval by the Waimakariri District Council and conditional upon the applicant securing a flexible rental berth. A copy of the live-aboard application can be downloaded (pdf, 687.1 KB).
  • A maximum of two people may live-aboard a vessel at any one time. The Council may consider more applicants per vessel on application.
  • Live-aboard activity is subject to berth rental fees in addition to a live-aboard levy of $150 per person per month.
  • Any charging by the vessel owner (or Licensee) of any person for living aboard is prohibited, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Waimakariri District Council.

See the Marine Berth Licence Terms & Conditions (pdf, 634.3 KB) for the full range of live-aboard conditions under clauses 9 - 9.10.