Kite Surfing & Land Yachts

Kite Surfing

The Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw 2016 restricts kite surfing in the Ashley River/Rakahuri Estuary to a designated area. Within this there is a launch area, transit area and main riding area.

Kite surfing is prohibited in all other Ashley/ Rakahuri and Saltwater Creek estuarine areas.

  • Stay clear of bird feeding areas in shallow water or exposed mudflats at low tide
  • Stay clear of dry shingle, driftwood, sand banks or islands where birds might be nesting or roosting
  • Only use the kite surfing transition area for moving to and from the launch area to the main riding area or the ocean
  • Stay 50 metres away from the north- west bank & 25 metres from the south-west bank of the Ashley River/Rakahuri Estuary at all times

Land Yachting

Land yachting has become a popular beach activity, and there is a designated area allowing for this activity.

Land yachts are prohibited between the beach entrance of the Waikuku Beach horse float car park access trail and the districts northern boundary. View the land yacht access map pdf, 2.0 MB for more details

More Information

Kite Surfing in the Ashley-Rakahuri Estuary - Video (YouTube)

Kite Surfing User Agreement Brochure & Area Map (pdf, 5.0 MB)

Land Yacht Access Map (pdf, 2.0 MB)