Closed Consultations

About Kairaki Beach Reserve

The Council has prepared a concept plan to upgrade Kairaki Beach Reserve and we want to know what you think.

Residential 4 Zones and San Dona Olive Grove Area

The Council is undertaking a survey of people living in the District’s Residential 4 Zones and San Dona Olive Grove area. While currently reviewing the Waimakariri District Plan, the Council is interested in better understanding how people living in these locations view the area they live in, which will help us for the future of rural and rural residential areas. Only owners/residents who received a letter or email inviting them to participate should fill in this survey.

About an Age-Friendly Community

Council is working alongside the Age-friendly Waimakariri Community Steering Group to develop a plan for an age-friendly community. We would like to hear your views.

Rangiora Woodend Road Speed Limits

There have been changes in the area around Rangiora Woodend Road over the last few years that suggest it’s time to look at the speed limits and talk to the community about what they think.

Our Space 2018-2048 Greater Christchurch Settlement Pattern Update

The Council is part of the Greater Christchurch Partnership. The Partnership has released a draft Our Space 2018-2048 Greater Christchurch Settlement Pattern Update for public consultation.

Community Facilities and Libraries

The Council is investigating options to provide a new community space in Pegasus, and future library space in either Ravenswood or Pegasus. To help determine the best options for the provision of these facilities, we want to hear from you.

Flaxton Road

We are planning to reconstruct Flaxton Road, between Lineside Road and Kingsford Smith Drive. We want to hear from local business, property owners and the community so that we can consider feedback and identify potential issues before carrying out the new road design.

Oxford Footpaths

The Council is proposing to construct a new footpath in Burnt Hill Road (between Main Street and Harewood Road) and in Harewood Road (between Burnt Hill Road and Main Street). We want to know what you think.

Draft Reserves Master Plan - Regeneration

The Council has prepared a draft Reserves Master Plan for the Kaiapoi Regeneration Areas, and we are keen to hear your feedback.

Earthquake-prone Buildings Legislation

We want to find out what you think about earthquake-prone priority buildings. The system for identifying and managing earthquake-prone buildings changed on 1 July 2017. The new system prioritises identification and remediation of earthquake-prone buildings that either pose a high risk to life safety, or are critical to recovery in an emergency.

Draft Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan

The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan is a vision and framework for the development, growth and success of the Kaiapoi Town Centre for the next 10 years and beyond.

Business Zones 1 and 2 Public Spaces Policy

The Waimakariri District Council’s Business Zones 1 & 2 Public Spaces Policy broadly guides how public spaces in business zones are best utilised. Businesses and members of the public are encouraged to use these public spaces in a fair and responsible way that does not impair or obstruct safe and efficient pedestrian movement.

Alcohol in our District

The Waimakariri District Council is reviewing its Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) and Liquor Ban Bylaw and wants to hear what you think about the proposed changes.

Let's Talk About the Draft Long Term Plan

Every 3 years we have an opportunity to reflect on where we’re heading as a Council, and review our work programmes and budgets for the coming 10 years. The Long Term Plan captures what you have identified in previous reviews and we are seeking feedback for the coming 10 years.

Let's Talk Rubbish

We’ve reviewed our Waste Management Minimisation Plan, and have looked at the ways our district could manage rubbish in the future. We want to get serious about reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. We would like to know if you think we should provide more choices like rubbish bins and organics/greenwaste bins.

Natural Hazards Management

Information relating to flood risk, location of fault lines, areas that are susceptible to liquefaction, and coastal erosion have been factored into draft proposed Plan Change 27 – Natural Hazards Management. Draft proposed Plan Change 27 reviews parts of the Waimakariri District Plan so that the impact of natural hazards on people, property and the environment can be assessed and managed.