Let's Talk (Consultations)

Share your views about the Council's plans and projects, by letting us know what you think.

Public availability of submissions

Subject to the provisions of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, we will make all submissions publicly available, including all contact details you provide on your submission. If you consider there are reasons why your contact details and/or submission should be kept confidential, please notify the Council when you send your submission.

Current consultations

This section lists Council plans and projects that we are currently asking for your views about. Each consultation has all relevant documents available for reading online or downloading, an opening and closing date for submissions, and links to follow to make your submission online.

Let's Talk

Stormwater Drainage Bylaw

The Council is publicly consulting its proposed Stormwater Drainage Bylaw 2018, which is intended to protect public health, safety and the environment in relation to the management of the quality and quantity of stormwater and land drainage discharges. It also includes some new controls on activities on private property to reduce flood risk. The bylaw also extends requirements for pollution prevention plans for medium risk sites throughout the district to reduce the discharge of contaminants into Council stormwater or land drainage systems. High risk site discharges would continue to be consented/managed by Environment Canterbury.

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Let's Talk

Lees Road and Barkers Road Speed Limit Review

Changes in the north Kaiapoi community have suggested that it’s time to take a look at the speed limit in Lees Road and Barkers Road and talk to the community about what they think. Tell us what you think about a proposal to reduce the speed limit from 80km/h to 60km/h on Lees Road and Barkers Road.

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