Residential 4 Zones & San Dona Olive Grove Area

Waimakariri District Council is undertaking a survey of people living in the District’s Residential 4 Zones and San Dona Olive Grove area as part of its District Plan Review. You may not have heard of a District Plan, but all Councils have one and it’s a pretty important document – it shapes the future development of our District.

This survey is an important part of the District Plan Review. Council is interested in developing a better understanding of how people living in the Residential 4 Zones and San Dona Olive Grove area view the area they live in, which will help to ensure the community is a place where people can continue to grow and thrive.

Only owners/residents who received a letter or email inviting them to participate should fill in this survey and only one survey per household should be submitted. You will need your ‘area code’ stated in the email/letter you received. Thank you for taking the time to tell us your views.

Please provide your feedback no later than
5pm, Friday 23 December.