Rangiora Woodend Road Speed Limits

Is it Time for a Change?

There have been changes in the area around Rangiora Woodend Road over the last few years that suggest it’s time to look at the speed limits and talk to the community about what they think.

  • Over the past five years traffic volumes on Rangiora Woodend Road have increased.
  • A new cycleway alongside Rangiora Woodend Road is about to be completed and will see more cyclists and pedestrians using Rangiora Woodend Road.
  • New housing and commercial development is occurring at each end of Rangiora Woodend Road.

These are the roads that we seeking feedback on from the community:

  • Rangiora Woodend Road between the existing 80km/h sign east of Smarts Road to the 70km/h sign at Chinnerys Road – current speed limit 100km/h
  • Rangiora Woodend Road from Chinnerys Road to School Road – current speed limit 70km/h
  • Gressons Road - current speed limit 100km/h
  • Boys Road from the railway line to Rangiora Woodend Road– current speed limit 100km/h
  • Northbrook Road east of Goodwin Street to Boys Road – current speed limit 100km/h

Should the speed limits on the following roads be changed?

Council is keen to hear if you think it’s time for speed limits to be reviewed. Here are your submission options:

Tell us what you think by 8 a.m., Monday 28 May 2018.