Oxford Footpaths

The Council is proposing to construct a new footpath in Burnt Hill Road (between Main Street and Harewood Road) and in Harewood Road (between Burnt Hill Road and Main Street).

The proposed footpaths will provide better walking access around this area. They would be constructed on the west side of Burnt Hill Road and would continue around the corner up the eastern side of Harewood Road (as shown on the plan). It is proposed the footpaths be asphalt to be consistent with other footpaths in the Oxford Township.

In assessing the options, both sides of the road have been considered, as well as:


  • Providing a footpath that will be continuous and more user friendly (no road crossing points).


  • The south-west side of Harewood Road has a deep swale at the Burnt Hill Road end and the area has been prone to flooding in the past.
  • Both sides of the road have some vegetation which may need to be trimmed or removed.


  • A footpath without road crossing points provides the safest option for pedestrians.

We're keen to hear what you think of the footpath proposal and any feedback you have before the project begins. We will confirm the location of the footpath once feedback has been considered.

The public consultation has now closed.  Thank you to everyone who provided their thoughts and feedback.