Ohoka Road Cycle Lanes

The Waimakariri District Council is proposing to install cycle lanes on Ohoka Road, between Robert Coup Road and Williams Street.

The Waimakariri District Council have committed to improving mobility and transport options for the community through increased cycling and walking opportunities.

The provision of safe and accessible facilities that meet the needs of the community underpins this commitment.

As a result of this, Ohoka Road has been selected as a route for improved cycling facilities between Robert Coup Road and Williams Street. We want to hear what you think.

Proposed option

Providing dedicated cycle lanes offers benefits to people on bikes, motorists and pedestrians.

  • Motorists benefit by knowing people on bikes have a designated lane and are therefore more predictable
  • Pedestrians benefit as people on bikes will no longer need to ride on the footpaths
  • People on bikes benefit by having a designated lane to ride in.

The preferred option is to install cycle lanes along both sides of the road.

To enable the cycle lanes, the flush median would need to be removed and the current vehicle lane widths would be reduced from 3.4m to 3.2m wide.  The reduction in road width may help to reduce vehicle speeds along Ohoka Road as it gives drivers a sense of a narrower road.

Some parking would be removed near intersections, pedestrian refuges and Kaiapoi High School’s entrance. This will create additional space and improve visibility where necessary.

Timing of work

Following feedback from the community, the detailed design of the cycle lanes will be finalised. Construction would be programmed during 2019.

Please tell us what you think by
5pm, Friday 26 April 2019.