Like many places in New Zealand, Waimakariri District is geographically diverse, reaching from the mountain ranges to the ocean. Because of this, the District is susceptible to a number of possible Natural Hazards including flooding, erosion in coastal areas, earthquake faults and liquefaction.

As part of its District Plan Review, Waimakariri District Council is updating Natural Hazard maps and provisions (objectives, policies and rules) to help manage risk and uncertainty. The District Plan is a statutory document that provides the rules for how people can build on or develop land, whether it is residential, commercial or rural – it’s essentially the planning rulebook for building and development in the District.

When the Natural Hazards maps and provisions are completed, these will be included in the reviewed District Plan and help to guide development. The information will be on Council’s website, Land Information Memoranda, and property files, and will also be used by the Council when processing resource and building consents to ensure any new information is taken into consideration.