Let's Talk About Tirikatene Reserve

We want to know where you think toilets should be built in Tirikatene Reserve.

We currently have consent to install the toilets at Location 1 (L1) in the plan. This location would be the most convenient for playground users but feedback from some residents said this location was not preferable due to the visual impact on surrounding properties.

In response, Council identified an alternative location shown as L2 on the plan. This location would still provide a nearby facility for playground users while being further removed from houses.

A third location, shown as L3 on the plan, was suggested by residents through a deputation to the Kaiapoi Tuahiwi Community Board. This is the furthest from the playground and from people we believe will use the facilities.

The additional costs to move the toilet block to L2 and L3 are roughly equal.

We want to hear from the Silverstream community about their preferred location and why. Your feedback will be presented to the Kaiapoi Tuahiwi Community Board to help them make a final decision.

Please make sure your feedback reaches us by
5pm, Friday 8 November 2019.