The Council is developing Stormwater Management Plans (SMPs) to improve the quality of stormwater discharges from urban areas into our streams and rivers. An additional budget of $100,000 each year of the LTP has been
allocated to ensure we meet the requirements of the Land and Water Regional Plan by 2025.

The SMPs will identify methods to reduce quantities of dissolved metals such as zinc and copper running off hard surfaces (such as roofs and building exteriors, or from vehicles and roads) during rainfall events and flowing into
our drains and streams.

Each major town in the District requires a stormwater discharge consent. Staff are currently preparing comprehensive applications which require attention to manage the quantity and quality of water that flows into our drains and streams.

The priority for each consent is to outline the network capacity upgrades required by 2025 to help reduce flooding in each town and to improve water quality by 2040. Preliminary estimates suggest it may cost up to $100 million over the next 30 years to meet the standards required under the discharge consents. The likely impact on rates would approximately be $200 to $250 per property per year.