Kia ora koutou

Rangiora-Ashley_DavidAyers-R_Thumb.jpgEvery 3 years we have an opportunity to reflect on where we’re heading as a Council, and review our work programmes and budgets for the coming 10 years. This isn’t easy. We want to make sure we’ve captured what you’ve identified as important from previous Plan reviews, and we are seeking your feedback on projects and initiatives we are proposing for the coming 10 years.

Previously, the Council’s focus has been directed toward earthquake recovery, with long-term social, infrastructure and town centre recovery being the priority. With the majority of these projects realised, we believe the focus for the next 10 years should be on regeneration and spending wisely on infrastructure needed to support the anticipated further growth of the district.

To prepare for growth, we need to ensure it is well planned, integrated and financially sustainable for current and future generations. The 4 proposals we see as key to securing this future include a ‘Your Choice’ kerbside collection service, a district wide Multi-Use Sports Facility, a District Regeneration programme of works and increased levels of service for community facilities in Woodend/Pegasus and Rangiora.

We’ve outlined our preferred options for how we’d like these proposals to proceed. However, before they’re included in our work programme, we want to check thatthese are still services you would like, if you can afford them, and can continue to maintain them over the coming 10 years. With this in mind, rates are projected to increase on average by 4.4% in 2018/19 and for the remaining 9 years average annual rate increases between 2.3% and 4.3% are expected.

Water management within the District also remains a priority. We are committed to continuing to provide our communities with safe drinking water and ensuring critical network infrastructure is in place. We want to hear if you think we’re doing enough to manage our water infrastructure and to improve our water quality. We’d also like your thoughts on what we’re proposing. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ngā mihi
David Ayers