In A Nutshell

With our population expected to rise from 59,000 currently, up to 97,000 by 2048, we need to ensure growth of this scale is well planned, integrated and financially sustainable.

A crucial part of this is to ensure network infrastructure is in place and maintained so that our roads, community water supplies, stormwater and wastewater systems can meet and cater for growth, as well as to meet future higher standards.

In addition to essential network infrastructure, we are proposing 4 key projects that we see as important for future community provision. These are:

The graph shows average rate increases over 10 years per property. Rates are projected to increase on average by 4.4% in 2018/19. For the remaining 9 years, average annual rate increases are expected between 2.3% and 4.3%.


The average rate increases reflect the current cost for kerbside collection services. Because the ‘Your Choice’ kerbside collection service is a user-pays or ‘opt-in’ service, the rate will be in addition to that shown in the graph and will vary depending on the service you choose.

In this document wherever we refer to rates payable by ratepayers, the cost is GST inclusive. Any other instance, the figures are GST exclusive.

*Average rates per property are for existing services and include the Earthquake Recovery rate and targeted rates which fund things like District Development, Greenspaces and Community Buildings, Libraries, Roads and Footpaths, Water Supply, Stormwater and Wastewater.