Further Information

Find out more about the Council’s proposals, the impact they have on council spending and the rates you may pay by viewing the documents listed.

All documents can be viewed online, or a hard copy is available for public viewing at each of our service centres and libraries in Kaiapoi, Oxford and Rangiora.

8In a nutshellDraft Our District, Our Future Waimakariri 2048, District Development Strategy
Population – Waimakariri 2048 Background Report on the Population in the Waimakariri District,
District Growth Paper, September 2017
9Key Capital ProjectsInfrastructure Strategy 2018-2028
2018-2048 Infrastructure Strategy Report to Council, January 2018
10Your Choice Kerbside
Collection Services
Composition of Solid Waste in Waimakariri District Survey, February 2017
Draft Waste Management & Minimisation Plan Consultation Council Report, August 2017
Let’s Talk Rubbish Public Consultation, June 2017
Waimakariri District Council Waste Assessment Report, May 2017
Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2017 Council Report, December 2017
14Multi-Use Sports FacilityDraft Long Term Plan 2015-2025 Provision of an Indoor Court Facility
Floor Plan for Indoor Court Facility
Functional Design Brief, Capital and Operating Cost Estimates
Indoor Court and Design and Location Council Report, February 2017
Multi-Use Sports Facility Council Report, January 2018
Site Plan for Indoor Court Facility
Waimakariri Proposed Indoor Courts – Location Analysis and User Group Discussions, July 2016
17District RegenerationDistrict Regeneration Council Report, February 2017
Waimakariri Red Zone Recovery Plan, December 2016
20Community FacilitiesCommunity Facilities Policy 2012 Waimakariri District Council
Community Facilities Provision Council Report, November 2017
Community Facilities Report, October 2017 Sue Sutherland Consulting
24Water ManagementCam River Enhancement Allocation of Funding Council Report, October 2017
CAREX Report on Glyphosate Council Report, October 2017
Funding Options for Water Supply Rates Council Report, January 2018
Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry - Stage 2 Report Council Report, January 2018
Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation Working Party
Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation consultation 2017
Report of the Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry: Stage 2
Government Inquiry into Havelock North Drinking Water, December 2017
Scoping of Comprehensive Stormwater Consent Requirements for Urban Drainage Schemes, June 2013
Waimakariri Zone Committee
Waimakakriri Land and Water Solutions Programme
30Balancing the BudgetDevelopment Contributions Policy & Schedule
Draft Development Contributions Policy 2018/19
Report to Council, January 2018
Development Contributions Schedules 2018/19
Report to Council, January 2018
Financial Strategy
Infrastructure Strategy
Fees & Charges Schedule
Fees and Charges for Community Facilities and Airfield Ground Rental
Report to Council, January 2018
Forecasting Assumptions and Risks
Funding Impact Statement (FIS)
Revenue & Financing Policy
Risk Assessment and Financing Strategy relating to Natural Disasters
Risk Assessment and Financing Strategy relating to Natural Disasters
Report to Council, January 2018
Draft Revenue & Financing Policy to be used in the Draft LTP 2018-2028 &
Draft Funding Impact Statement Report to Council, January 2018
Amendment to the Treasury Policy Report to Council, January 2018
34What’s Happening with
my Rates?
Rate Samples by Area
35Where the Money GoesCost of Activity Statements
Statement of Service Provision