Lets Talk About The Dog Control Bylaw & Policy Review

The Council is reviewing the Dog Control Bylaw 2004 and the Dog Control Policy to ensure they are effective in protecting the public from nuisance and keeping the public safe.

White Dog at Rangiora Dog ParkA draft bylaw has been developed and we want to hear what you think about some proposed changes.

Summary of Proposed Changes

  • Include town centres as Leash Control Areas
  • Add to Clause 7 Control of Dog - “Dogs which are not able to be kept under effective voice control around horses shall be placed on a lead when in the vicinity of a horse.

There are no changes proposed to the Dog Control Policy.

About the draft Dog Control Bylaw 2019

The Waimakariri District Council’s Dog Control Bylaw has been in effect since 2004. The Dog Control Act 1996 (the Act) requires that Council reviews it’s Dog Control Bylaw in accordance with the Local Government Act 2002, section 159. A review of the Dog Control Policy is also required by the Act.

The objective of the bylaw is to:

  • Encourage the responsible ownership of dogs
  • Promote the control of dogs in public places
  • Provide for the needs of dog owners
  • Minimise any danger, distress or nuisance from dogs to the community.

A Council Hearing Panel, in an open meeting, will consider feedback on Thursday 15 August.

Please tell us what you think by
5pm, Friday 26 July 2019.