Let's Talk About Property Maintenance & Nuisance

The Council is considering making a Property Maintenance and Nuisance Control Bylaw.

The purpose of this Bylaw would be to ensure the public is protected from the effects of poor property maintenance and activities that may cause a nuisance.

20190913 - Long Grass

The Council can introduce a new Bylaw under the Local Government Act 2002 and the key proposals include:

  • General nuisance
  • Unkempt residential sections
  • Deposit, storage, accumulation or burial of waste, compost, manure or offal
  • Storage of waste in vehicles
  • Storage or use of shipping containers, vehicles or vehicle bodies or parts
  • Hoarding of material
  • Livestock in residential areas.

Anyone making a submission has the opportunity to be heard by the Council’s Hearing panel in an open meeting in December, and should make that request in their submission.

If you would like to talk to us about the proposal or the feedback process please contact Garry Blay, Resource Management Planner on 0800 965 468.

Please make sure your feedback reaches us by
5pm, Monday 21 October 2019.