Let's Talk About Parking

The Council is reviewing the Parking Bylaw 2007 to ensure it is effective in protecting the public from nuisance and keeping the public safe.

The Council is required to carry out bylaw reviews under the Local Government Act 2002 and welcomes your feedback on any other aspect of the Parking Bylaw 2007.

20190828 - Blake Street parking

The Bylaw covers:

  • No parking in certain parts of the road such as berms, verges and landscaped areas
  • Removal of vehicles from off-street parking areas
  • Widened definition of the vehicle classes accommodating persons such as motorhomes, buses, caravans and trailers
  • Displaying and storage of vehicles parked on the street
  • Parking of vehicles for purposes of display or advertising
  • Adopting the new Bylaw with changes as described in the Statement of Proposal.

Anyone making a submission has the opportunity to be heard by the Council’s Hearing Panel in an open meeting in November (date to be confirmed), and should make that request in their submission.

Please make sure your feedback reaches us by
5pm, Monday 30 September 2019.