Let's Talk About Good Street

We want to make Good Street much friendlier for shoppers.

To do this, we need to change its status from a road to a laneway or pedestrian area for the section of Good Street located between High Street and the service lane. This needs to take place before we beautify it and make it a more attractive place to be.

We’re starting the process to formally change this area’s legal road status. You can view the official public notice under related information on this page.

Any objections to this proposal must be received before 5pm, Tuesday 18 February 2020 and can be emailed or made in writing to:

Vanessa Thompson
Business and Centres Advisor

Waimakariri District Council
Private Bag 1005
Rangiora 7440

Please include your name and contact details with your objection.

If the change in status is successful, we have plans to make improvements to the area to make it a more public friendly and attractive place to spend time.

Good Street Laneway looking north