Option D – Connect to Summerhill Water Supply & decrease allocated demand

This option is similar to Option C in that it involves a connection into the Summerhill scheme from the existing pipe at the old intake at the Ashley River. However, in order to minimise capacity upgrades within the West Eyreton and Summerhill schemes, demand would need to be decreased within the Garrymere scheme. This would be achieved by changing the semi-restricted (13 litres per minute) connections to 3 unit (2 litres per minute) restricted connections.  This would decrease the costs within the West Eyreton and Summerhill schemes for capacity upgrades, and will include the install of tanks and pumps on these properties in order to convert the existing semi-restricted connections to fully-restricted connections.

How much will it cost?

19 Units 38 Units 4 Units 3 Units 2 Units
Existing Rate * $2,397 $1,335 $1,303 $1,272
New Rate * $7,895 $2,373 $2,210 $2,048
Increase in Rate * $10,292 $3,707 $3,514 $3,320

* Assumed all 19 unit connections converted to 3 unit connections