Option C – Connect to Summerhill Water Supply

This option would involve connecting the Garrymere scheme into the Summerhill water supply scheme from the existing pipe at the old Summerhill intake at the Ashley River. Construction would involve two river crossings; one across the Ashley River and one across the Garrymere River and require approximately 2.9km of pipe. This would also include additional upgrade works at the West Eyreton water supply headworks and within the Summerhill scheme to cater for the additional demand.

How much will it cost?

19 Units 38 Units 4 Units 3 Units 2 Units
Existing Rates $1,803 $2,397 $1,335 $1,303 $1,272
Increase in Rates $4,937 $6,563 $3,654 $3,568 $3,483
New Rate $6,741 $8,960 $4,989 $4,872 $4,755