Option B – Drill new well at Garrymere

In this option, we would drill and develop a new deep well up to 300m deep within the Council easement at 70 Garrymere Road, close to the existing Garrymere headworks. The aim would be to find a secure water source with adequate capacity for the scheme. This option has a high risk that the new well may be unsuccessful. The deepest wells currently in the area are no more than 80m deep and yield less than the required capacity for the scheme.

How much will it cost?

19 Units 38 Units 4 Units 3 Units 2 Units
Existing Rates $1,803 $2,397 $1,335 $1,303 $1,272
Increase in Rates $2,094 $2,784 $1,550 $1,514 $1,477
New Rate $3,898 $5,181 $2,885 $2,817 $2,749