Let's Talk About Car Parking in Mandeville

We would like to hear what you think about the proposed options for more car parking at Mandeville.

Motorists who visit Mandeville might have noticed it's sometimes hard to find a car park. During these busy times it’s not uncommon to see cars parked on the road verge and in the reserve.

To address this, the Council are looking at ways to provide more parks nearby.

Your input will inform the Council decision on what option is supported and where car parking may be formalised in the future.

There are three suggested options and each would result in a similar number of additional car parks. Click the options below for information on each proposal, including maps for options one and two, then share your feedback below.

Option One...

This option involves a Reserves Act designation change of the adjacent reserve – from a ‘plantation reserve’ to a ‘community reserve’. This would mean we can tidy up the reserve (where people park now) and develop recreation space here. It’s also a safe option as it’s beside the shopping centre.

Option Two...

This proposal looks to establish parking on the reserve across McHughs Road. This would also require a legal designation change from ‘plantation reserve’ to ‘community reserve’. This option is seen as less attractive as it would require shoppers to cross the busy stretch of road and is further from the village.

Option Three...

The third option is to consider a new car park on Private Land, preserving the reserve area for future Designation Change as a reserve not a car park.

Share your feedback

We'd like to hear your thoughts on the options above to increase car parking in Mandeville. To share your feedback, either

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Feedback should be submitted by 5pm Wednesday 15 January 2020

Please tell us what you think about the Mandeville car parking proposals by
5pm Wednesday 15 January 2020.