Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation Technical Reports

Technical Reports and Investigations

The following technical reports and investigations were commissioned by the Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation Working Party from 2014 to 2016 in order to scope potential improvements to the ecology, habitat, water quality, recreation and amenity, flood hazard management and navigation safety and access in/for the Kaiapoi River:

Document Title Size
Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation: Sediment Trap, Bank Reshaping and Drainage Wetland Design Concepts pdf, 7.1 MB
Kaiapoi River Navigation Channel Concept Design - 16NZ338 Issue 1 pdf, 2.5 MB
Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation and Enhancement Issues and Options V1.0 received 18th July 2011 by Dr Henry Hudson Amended pdf, 1.4 MB
Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation Project Kaiapoi River Enhancement Kaiapoi Island - Courtenay Stream Reach May 2016 pdf, 2.7 MB
Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation Project Concept Development and Assessment Report - Stage 1 (Area A) FINAL pdf, 15.4 MB
Environment Canterbury Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation Project Kaiapoi River Flood Capacity Investigation AJ Boyle April 2016 pdf, 2.1 MB