Flaxton Road

The number of businesses in the Southbrook area, particularly along Flaxton Road, has grown significantly in recent years.

Ongoing development has increased the number of vehicles accessing businesses and travelling through the area. There is also an increase in cyclist and pedestrian use and vehicles parking on Flaxton Road.

As a result of the increased development, it is recognised that the current layout of Flaxton Road may not adequately allow for all of the different road users. There has also been feedback that the existing streetscape is considered unsightly for one of the main entrances into Rangiora.

Further to this, the surface of Flaxton Road has deteriorated over the past few years to the point that it no longer provides the community with the desired level of service due to potholes and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Taking into account all of these factors, the Council is planning to reconstruct Flaxton Road, between Lineside Road and Kingsford Smith Drive. Before any work starts, we want to hear from local business, property owners and the community so that we can consider feedback and identify potential issues before carrying out the new road design.

Background considerations

  • The open drain that currently exists on the western side of Flaxton Road will remain. The drain pipe provides an important role in storm water flow during flood events. As a result of this project there will be no reduction in the capacity of the open drain, although there may be beautification works completed to improve the visual and ecological attributes of the drain.
  • The overhead lines on the eastern side of Flaxton Road will also remain. It is cost prohibitive to underground the 66,000v overhead lines.
  • There is currently no provision for either pedestrians or cyclists. Given the increase in demand, additional facilities for these road users will be incorporated into the design. This will include provision for pedestrians and cyclists. Any cyclists that use Flaxton Road currently share the traffic lanes with large volumes of heavy vehicles. It is critical that cyclists have their own space within the road corridor.

This project is being completed in conjunction with a route review that is looking at the route between Southbrook and West Kaiapoi, which includes the investigation and upgrade of Skewbridge.

If you are an owner or employee of a business on Flaxton Road please complete this online survey

If you are a member of the general public please complete this online survey

Tell us what you think before Monday 20 August 2018.