Draft Reserves Master Plan - Regeneration

The Recovery Plan for Kaiapoi set out the land uses for the regeneration areas.

The implementation of the Recovery Plan means putting in place the new land uses and activities, including the new reserves.

The draft Reserves Master Plan will guide the development of the new reserves in the Kaiapoi Regeneration Areas.  It seeks to answer the question how do we want our reserves to look and feel, now and in the future?  Council is keen to hear what you think about the recreation facilities and activities in the new reserves.

The draft Master Plan includes layout plans for most of the new reserves in Kaiapoi West, East and South. These show the general layout of the reserve, the main pathways and the key recreation features and activities (such as sports fields and the dog park).  The draft Master Plan also looks at how we can tell local stories through our reserves using planting, points of interest and local material.  You can find out more detailed information about the plan here.

Council is keen to hear your feedback on the draft Reserves Master Plan.    You can: