Cone Street Improvements

The Waimakariri District Council is proposing to build a new footpath along Cone Street. This is to provide a safe option for pedestrians accessing the new development on the corner of High Street and Ivory Street, and to address pedestrian safety through Cone Street.

Included in the new development is a Burger King with a drive through. With additional traffic accessing this area, the Council is aware that pedestrian safety needs to be addressed.

Investigation work has been carried out to identify possible options for the new footpath. There are some constraints in the area, particularly with the narrow road width between High Street and Collins Street. On-street parking also needs to be formalised as currently it is not clearly defined.

Other constraints include:

  • The area is primarily commercial activity with heavy vehicles using Cone Street to undertake deliveries
  • A dish-drain runs along the eastern side of the road, reducing the road width and provides limited stormwater runoff options
  • There is a ‘pinch-point’ outside number five and nine Cone Street due to the existing footpath creating a limited road width to work with.


Four options have been developed for consideration and we would like your feedback.

Option one: on-street parking with no property purchase.

  • This option allows for a 1.5m footpath
  • Allows for two 3.0m road lane widths with a 2.1m parking bay on the western side
  • Allows for on-street parking and pedestrian access
  • Existing road lanes move east removing 15 carparks. Seven are retained on the western side.
  • Footpath widths are not desirable for the retail area, however the alternative footpath on High Street and Ivory Street are wide and will provide primary access.

Option two: no on-street parking

  • This option allows for pedestrian access with a 2m footpath
  • No on-street parking is allowed for
  • Allows for two 3.4m road lane widths
  • Removes 22 carparks.

Option three: on-street parking with property purchase

  • Footpath varies from 1.5m to 2m
  • Allows for two 3m road lane widths and a 2.1m parking bay on the western side
  • On-street parking and pedestrian access is allowed for
  • Removes 14 carparks and retains eight on the western side
  • Property purchase relieves the ‘pinch point’ outside numbers five and nine Cone Street.

Option four: Cone Street one-way

  • Footpath varies from 1.5m to 2m
  • Allows for two 3.2m road lane widths and two 2.1m parking bays
  • Allows for on-street parking
  • No carparks are removed. 22 carparks remain
  • One-way access less convenient for businesses and residents.

Please contact Glenn Kempton if you would like copies of the proposed detailed drawings for each option, or phone 0800 965 468.

Timing of works

Following feedback, the detailed design of the street improvements will be finalised. Construction of the project will be carried out during mid-late 2019. Construction of the footpath on High Street near Burger King may take place earlier.

Please tell us your preferred option by
5pm, Friday 10 May 2019.