Business Zones 1 & 2 Public Spaces Policy

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The Waimakariri District Council’s Business Zones 1 & 2 Public Spaces Policy broadly guides how public spaces in business zones are best utilised. Businesses and members of the public are encouraged to use these public spaces in a fair and responsible way that does not impair or obstruct safe and efficient pedestrian movement.

This policy seeks to make the Council’s public spaces, typically its lanes, footpaths and streets accessible to promote vibrancy adjacent to business areas, protect the public from nuisance and obstructions, and ensure public spaces are used in ways that positively contribute to the District’s identity and people’s enjoyment of public spaces. The Council is also signalling the need for an equitable and consistent procedure for charging fees in the Council reserve, for example, for outdoor dining.

The policy is designed to integrate with help implement key Council documents including the Waimakariri District Plan and the Signage Bylaw 2012. The following elements in the policy are addressed:

Accessibility, safety and mobility

The priority use for footpaths, public accessways and open spaces is for safe and efficient pedestrian accessibility and mobility. The Council wishes to see that activities and obstructions do not create safety hazards or interfere with pedestrian flows.

Outdoor dining

High quality outdoor dining areas can add vibrancy to public spaces and they provide the public with an enjoyable leisure option. The Council envisages outdoor dining spaces adding significant economic value to town centres while permitting efficient pedestrian accessibility.

Smoking outdoors

Smokefree environments help support the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and whānau. Smoking is not encouraged in outdoor dining areas for cafes, bars and restaurants or at public events staged within business zones.


Signage plays an important role in conveying information to the public for businesses, customers and visitors. The Council wishes to see signage placed so as to minimise or avoid any detrimental effects. Signage placement is also regulated under the Signage Bylaw 2012.

Display of goods

An accessible and unobstructed footpath for pedestrians needs to be maintained while allowing business owners to utilise the zones outside their property for trading purposes. The Council wishes to apply a consistent approach to outdoor trading across its town business zones.

Mobile trading

Mobile trading is a temporary trading activity which includes vendors selling their goods from a public open space or roadside, for example from coffee carts. The Council encourages mobile traders in its town centres however traders will need to be licensed.

Buskers and commercial charitable collectors

The Council welcomes high-quality street performances to complement business activities where these are appropriate. Charitable entities are regulated under the Commercial Charity Bylaw 2017.

Skates and skateboards

Skates and skateboards can provide adults and children with exercise and a means of transportation. Their usage in public spaces has the potential to be dangerous or cause a nuisance. The Council does not allow skates and skateboards to be used within business zones.

Amenity Lighting

Street and amenity lights are provided by the Council to illuminate roads and accessways for traffic and pedestrian accessibility and safety purposes.

You can view the policy here in its entirety and make your submission below or at any of our service centres or libraries.

The Council welcomes comments on the draft Business Zones 1 and 2 Public Spaces Policy. You can view the policy here and make your submission below or at any of our service centres or libraries, alternatively use this form, or write to us.

Any business owner, premises lessee or individual can make a written submission. We welcome both general and detailed comment. Your submission will be considered by the staff project team prior to adoption of a final policy by Council in September 2018.

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